Fuel Services

Into-Plane Refuelling

ST-Airport Services, through its fleet of dedicated refuellers, provides into-plane refuelling in compliance of internationally-recognised Joint Inspection Group (JIG) requirements. We have extensive experience with all aircraft types, from fixed wing to rotary wing, from AVGAS-powered piston engine aircraft to Airbus A380 and from military turboprop transport aircraft to high performance fighter jets.

Such multi-disciplinary capability allows STARS to add on to customer value chain beyond the supply of aviation fuel. Our mission focus ensures on-time delivery to the aircraft, all the time.


Defuelling, Storage, and Re-Issue of Aviation Fuel

In response to the increasingly high fuel prices, ST-Airport Services has developed an innovative solution to help our customers reduce the total fuel costs. When an aircraft requires emptying its fuel tanks for maintenance or other purposes, ST-Airport is able to defuel the aircraft, store the fuel in dedicated tanks, and then re-issue the fuel into the aircraft when it is ready. All this while, ST-Airport Services will maintain the highest standards and carry out regular stringent quality checks on our customers fuel. Thus, instead of disposing off the otherwise useable fuel and buying fresh fuel, our customers have reaped significant cost savings by using this service.


Aviation Fuel Logistics

ST-Airport Services provides transportation and distribution of aviation fuel within Singapore as well as overseas. The fuel may be delivered in packaged form or in bulk for export. We are able to meet your fuel transportation needs via :

  • Road Tankers
  • ISO-containers
  • Drums