Fuel Solutions

Consultancy, Training & Audit

ST-Airport Services provides consultancy, training and audit services in aviation fuel-related areas to assist organizations in ensuring all industry standards, specifications and legislation are addressed from the facility design stage up to final delivery.


We provide consultancy services for the following :

  • Design and commissioning of aviation fuel facilities.
  • Establishing and implementing aviation fuel system operating procedures.
  • Establishing and implementing aviation fuel quality control management.
  • Testing and analysis of aviation fuels
  • Establishing and implementing Quality and Health, Safety and Environmental (QHSE) Management Systems


We provide customized various training programs, from initial training and authorization of staff to on-going continuous trade training in all aspects of aviation fuel management. Examples of these training include :

  • Understanding of Jet fuel specification properties
  • Performing of Aviation Fuel Quality checks
  • Performing of plane refuelling
  • Understanding health & safety requirements working in a fuel farm or within the vicinity of an aircraft
  • Understanding of fuel depot management


We provide auditing services to customers to ensure organizations meet their internal requirements as well as the relevant standards, specifications and legislation.

For more information on the above services, contact us and our experienced team will be pleased to propose the most suitable options for your organization.