About Us

ST-Airport Services (STARS) is a 100% wholly owned company by ST Logistics Pte Ltd.

Headquartered in Singapore, STARS is committed to being the best service provider in aviation fuel logistics, value adding to our customers businesses and operational performance. Recognized as an aviation services industry leader in Singapore, we are rapidly expanding in the region, we has established an excellent reputation in our ability to ensure product quality, technical competency, safety standard and service excellence, with accreditations that include ISO9001 (2015), ISO14001, ISO18001, ISO 22301 and ISO 28000.

STARS core business is total aviation fuel logistics. This includes the supply of aviation fuel in bulk form, into plane refuelling, and management of fuel storage and hydrant systems. In between the end-to-end aviation fuel logistics, STARS carries out a multitude of checks and processes to ensure that the quality of fuel delivered is never compromised. The high standards have won STARS many accolades among both commercial and military customers.