Defuel & Store

What are the charges for Defuel & Store services?
Charges for defuel and store are computed based on the number of days and the volume. Please drop us an email at stars@st-airport.com for more details

What type of checks we do that conform to fuel storing standards?
We do water, visual and density checks complying with the requirement of JIG

What is our company response time for fuel storage request?
Normally at least one full workday’s notice to allow for preparation of equipment and manpower

What timing can we support the storage operations?
We can only transport fuel between 7am to 7pm under SCDF regulation. We can respond outside these timing so long as it does not require traveling on the road with fuel.

Do we carry out disposal of waste fuel?
Yes, we provide aviation fuel disposal. Give us at least one day advance notice for arrangement.

Engineering Works

What are the types of maintenance that we provide? Eg: General maintenance of fuel storage facilities, such as, tank cleaning, filter element change and other maintenance work on fuel facility.
We also provide design and commissioning consultancy on fuel storage and delivering system. This include turn key project for Design, Build and Operate (DBO) arrangement.

Sales of Products

Are we able to deliver fuel into customers systems? Eg: oils rigs, ships
We can as configuration and point of loading permit

Other Services

What are our fuel sales prices?
Please contact our Sales & Marketing Team, Ms Priscilla Kwek or Ms Serene Lua at stars@st-airport.com or contact number +65 6465 3265/ +65 6465 3209  for more details.

Is GST applicable for Jet Fuel purchase?
GST is not applicable only for outbound flight and export.

Are there any duties (tax) incurred when purchasing of fuel?
No. Jet fuel purchase will not have any duties charged.

Are customers able to use their own containers to purchase jet fuel?
Yes. Provided the containers are compatible and they provide us an indemnity.

Are customers allowed to do self collection of jet fuel?
Yes. Provided their vehicle meets FSB requirements if they carry more than a stipulated quantity.

Can customers buy fuel to store?

Can we do redoping of fuel to correct the FSII to meet specifications?